August 2015


Summer Getaway : How to get the rest you need?

Everyday after the hard work we experience a lot of stress and fatigue. Of course, after all of that we often feel washed-out and exhausted. Without a doubt, from time to time we all need to take a proper rest, somewhere away from the city hustle, noise and problems. Everyone needs to dedicate some time for themselves, which  could be spent either alone or with soulmate, in order to relax, unwind and  bring thoughts together. And today I want to share with you my tips and tricks on how to get the rest you need. Firs of all, it is important to determine what your place of destination is going to be. I would suggest going somewhere where you will feel the most comfortable and carefree. It can be a forest, sea or your favourite park. Wear sometning casual and comfy, so you can feel relaxed. That will let you not to worry about your appearance.…

Meet Nika Wonders

Hi there! It’s Nika here and I’m excited to present you my very own fashion & lifestyle blog! I have been dreaming about this project 24/7 for many years now and I have finally decided to make it come true. From the very beginning I knew that blogging is a tough job, demanding a lot of time and energy. However, at the certain point of my life I have realised that I have billion ideas and things that I want to share with others. Such strong motivation and support from my friends and family made it real. Since I believe, that the most important is to love the thing you do and enjoy the process and everything will work out. So now let me introduce myself. I’m 24 years old fashion & lifestyle instagramer and blogger, tea-addict, sweet tooth, dog and cat lover, traveler and photographer based in Dusseldorf. I love…