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Where to stay in Paris: MonHotel Lounge & Spa

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Paris? What do you associate this magical city with? I imagine old Parisian buildings with balconies. Not an Eiffel Tower nor the Arc de Triomphe nor even a Disneyland, but balconies. I picture myself standing on such balcony, admiring the view and breathing the Parisian air. Sounds dreamy, right? But dreams do come true. Last month, me and my boyfriend had a chance to visit Paris. We have stayed at the beautiful MonHotel Lounge & Spa located between La Défense, the Porte Maillot, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs Eysées. Such a fantastic location, don’t you agree? The most iconic places you need to visit in Paris are just around the corner! The hotel was recently redesigned and extended and now it counts 50 newly decorated rooms. We were accommodated in Club Couture, the biggest room in the hotel.  This…

Welcome back!

Welcome back, my  loyal subscriber!It’s been a while now since I’ve posted something on my blog.  But now I’m back for good! From this time on I plan to upload my posts regularly and I would really appreciate if you could write down below some topics you are interested in and want me to write about.And I also hope that you like renewed look of my blog and are excited for a new posts as much as I am! See you around 🙂

Dear Paris, I love you! French Women Style Tips

Bonjour!When I last visited Paris I’ve noticed how effortless, yet elegant and feminine French women look like. I created this 5 tips “cheat sheet” for looking stylish and chic in the best French manner.1. It’s not a secret that French women are known for their elegance and femininity, however, if you look at their clothes you won’t see anything pretentious or flashy. They would rather prefer basic colours, simple prints and cuts.2. Flats are the footwear of choice for a French girl. They’re way more practical and comfortable for walking on cobblestone streets.3. Keep accessories to a minimum. Add some accents with minimalistic jewellery such as delicate necklace or bracelet.4. Leave it undone. Your can leave your shirt half-tucked or strap not completely tied. Looking purposefully unpolished is a French art which hard to learn. But believe me that’s worth it5. When it comes to French style – less is more. Uncomplicated outfits…

Goodbye, spring!

Spring inspires. Spring is like sunshine on a rainy day, like long-awaited kiss,  like something you truly wait and wish for. And one day spring finally came, it was fully here and it was ready to bring love, peacefulness and inspiration to our lives. This spring was special for me. This year, first time in my life I saw blooming magnolias. I was blown away when I found myself around this magical tree with thousands pretty little flowers.. And just for a moment I closed my eyes and released how incredibly happy and blessed I am to stand here and be able to see such beautiful peace of art created by the nature. Yes, this spring was definitely special for me.. Photos by Anastasia Eismann

Awaiting warmer weather

Hello there! The spring has come not alone, it brought me a little bit of an inspiration! And I’m back with lots of new ideas, creations and amazing things to share with you! Unfortunately, the spring is not fully here – it is still pretty cold outside. But at least, the sun is shining more and more often and that is a very good sign. Spring weather is on it’s way! However, last weekend was windy and freezing cold. Of course, I wanted to put a nice skirt, pair of heels and a light leather jacket. But I have to admit, it is not that warm yet. And I prefer to stay warm and cosy in my favourite peace of clothing! As you probably have already noticed, for my casual outfits I still love to wear my favourite combination of grey and black. Melange coat, favourite pair of jeans, warm…