Welcome back!

Welcome back, my  loyal subscriber!It’s been a while now since I’ve posted something on my blog.  But now I’m back for good! From this time on I plan to upload my posts regularly and I would really appreciate if you could write down below some topics you are interested in and want me to write about.And I also hope that you like renewed look of my blog and are excited for a new posts as much as I am! See you around 🙂

Goodbye, spring!

Spring inspires. Spring is like sunshine on a rainy day, like long-awaited kiss,  like something you truly wait and wish for. And one day spring finally came, it was fully here and it was ready to bring love, peacefulness and inspiration to our lives. This spring was special for me. This year, first time in my life I saw blooming magnolias. I was blown away when I found myself around this magical tree with thousands pretty little flowers.. And just for a moment I closed my eyes and released how incredibly happy and blessed I am to stand here and be able to see such beautiful peace of art created by the nature. Yes, this spring was definitely special for me.. Photos by Anastasia Eismann

Summer Getaway : How to get the rest you need?

Everyday after the hard work we experience a lot of stress and fatigue. Of course, after all of that we often feel washed-out and exhausted. Without a doubt, from time to time we all need to take a proper rest, somewhere away from the city hustle, noise and problems. Everyone needs to dedicate some time for themselves, which  could be spent either alone or with soulmate, in order to relax, unwind and  bring thoughts together. And today I want to share with you my tips and tricks on how to get the rest you need. Firs of all, it is important to determine what your place of destination is going to be. I would suggest going somewhere where you will feel the most comfortable and carefree. It can be a forest, sea or your favourite park. Wear sometning casual and comfy, so you can feel relaxed. That will let you not to worry about your appearance.…